Our Culture


The experience you create transcends the results you may achieve.


Your interaction within is more important than the exercises through which the interaction occurs.


 We wish to hold a space within which you can explore and embody this process and the CAPE core concepts.


We CAPE ourselves, our clients, and our patients, every day. We wear our capes to bed.

Concept 1: Create an experience for the body in which a positive change can occur and, by giving it an option, it may choose to retain the more useful pattern.

Creating a safe environment to explore your body allows you let go of patterns that no longer serve you and claim back denied movements. Your body craves optionality. We want to show you how to cultivate that positive experience within.

Concept 2: Breathing is the foundation upon which all aspects of training and rehab are based.

Breathing, full exhalations in particular, activates a special neural circuit allowing you to alter the state of your nervous system and create the safe space for your body to tap into its own potential. Breath control is core control. Inefficient breathing is correlated to chronic pain. So yeah, we care about your breathing.

Concept 3: You cannot change that which you are not yet aware.

Many of us try to change something that feels “wrong” without knowing exactly what it is. Guessing! By exploring these dark zones, honestly experiencing your body, and becoming aware of what’s missing, we can take the first step for any physiological change to occur. We love using body-scanning to show you the “missing links”.

Concept 4: Pain is simply information.

If we took away the labels “good”, or “bad”, what are you left with? Judging pain and avoiding movements that feel unsafe may have been necessary to help you survive in the short-term, but by acknowledging, exploring, and not judging pain is how to thrive. We want to show you how pain can guide you and how to listen objectively to its message.

Concept 5: No one can “fix” you but you.

But you’re not broken, either. The body has an incredible, innate ability to heal itself and become exceptionally capable, but we know that you can’t do this all on your own. We want to guide you through the process of becoming a self-healing machine, capable of reaching the level of performance you desire.

Concept 6: Hormesis- In small doses, stress and discomfort can lead to positive benefits.

Exploring outside your comfort zone is like immunizing yourself with movement inoculations. By introducing a new movement “antibody” in doses small enough not to be threatening, your body learns what to expect next time and have a strategy to cope, no, thrive and become stronger. We want you to become an antifragile system, where stress can make you better, not worse.

Concept 7: You can use your physical structure to influence your state of mind.

Many of us know we can change our minds about our bodies, but it’s also true that you can change your body about your mind. Shifts in posture and breath are related to changes in the nervous system and influence our ability to experience health, growth, and restoration. The interaction you have within yourself can be reflected in the way you experience the world and interact with others. We want you to feel confident in your body, so you can be confident in the world.

Concept 8: Change is everything, and everything changes.

Everything flows, and change can either feel safe or unsafe. By honoring your body as a transient system, not fixing it in a state of “unsafe”, “broken”, or “X syndrome”,  you liberate yourself. We want to Create A Positive Experience in which you can flow through the safe and unsafe, honouring your body with honest movement.

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