About CAPE Workshops

What are CAPE workshops?

CAPE workshops combine mindfulness with movement, promoting self-exploration through the experience of fundamental human motion. CAPE isn’t a conventional group exercise class. As we often say, “don’t come to work out, come to work in”.

Our workshops combine a blend of movement styles with breathing and mindfulness techniques to, ultimately, provide you with the tools to create your own movement practice.

Your experience in our workshops is less about to “repping” out exercises, and more about to embodying our philosophy through movement: Create A Positive Experience.

Why attend a CAPE workshop?

Each person’s reason for attending will be unique, but our singular aim is to create a safe space for CAPERS  to explore, nourish, and interact with their bodies, experience honest movement and unlock potential.

Our participants are drawn to us because they have an interest in learning more about fundamental movement quality, are invested in their health and  growth, and understand the interdependent interaction of our mental and physical well-being.

Perhaps you’ve come to a place in your journey wherein you’ve decided to love and respect your body for all that it has done for you, and you want to find new ways to nourish,  strengthen, and heal, allowing your potential to expand, both inwardly and outwardly with the world. Whatever your “why”, CAPE creates a safe space for this exploration to happen.

What do you get out of CAPE?

Well… We can’t really say for sure.  We don’t believe there is benefit in imposing expectations, as everyone’s experience and interaction with the material will be different.Here’s what some of our graduating CAPERS have said:

“[I felt] more confident in my body and what I need to work on to achieve my fitness and
wellness goals. I’m more aware of the way my body feels and moves. Especially in my yoga practice, I’m able to make small adjustments to help me progress.” ~Lara H.

“CAPE took me out of my comfort zone big time! CAPE is all about self-exploration through the use of breath, movement, and mindfulness. The experience is completely individual and I would recommend it to anyone. I came out of the workshop with more information about myself that I can now run with and that is really wonderful!” ~Kristy Z.

“Wasn’t expecting to feel taller! After day 1, I noticed myself being much more mindful about my posture. As we progressed I found myself automatically correcting my stance and balancing my weight more evenly in my feet. Through CAPE, I developed a significantly deeper awareness of my body. I learned new techniques to improve my posture and ways to help release annoying pain. The guidance was fantastic and made me feel comfortable to explore how to move honestly.” ~Joyanne H.

Don’t come to the workshop if you want to be “fixed”.  Don’t come to the workshop if you want a workout. Come to our workshop if you want to create space to spend time with yourself and honor your body.

How are the workshops structured?

Our programs are composed of 6 days (6 consecutive Sundays with one week off between day 3 and 4) with each day being 2.5  hours long. Our workshops aim to guide you through an exploration of what’s missing from your movement vocabulary, and hold a safe space to reclaim and take ownership of them through a blend of physical and mental practices including:

  • Yoga
  • Anatomy in Motion movements
  • Postural Restoration Institute positional breathing techniques
  • Body scanning and range of motion self-screening
  • Mindfulness, compassion, meditation, and visualization techniques
  • Restorative breathing
  • Fundamental movement patterns and body-weight exercise

Our sessions combine discussions and lectures with plenty of movement movement practice, so you will have loads of fun learning new and unconventional material about your body. At the end of the program, we will make time with each participant individually to go over some key observations we’ve made throughout the workshops and provide guidelines for CAPERS to keep on CAPE-ing through the creation of their own daily movement practice.

Who can attend CAPE?

All human beings are welcome! If you have an interest in movement, mindfulness, and body/mind well-being, we want you in CAPE.

We work with the general population of “non-movers”: 9-5-ers who like to move on the side, as well as the more “seasoned movers”: personal trainers, yoga teachers, dancers, actors, and other specific athletic groups. All human beings should be able reap the rewards of moving mindfully, honestly, and establishing a daily movement practice. 

How to apply?

Yes, all participants are required to apply to attend CAPE workshops. Why? To provide the best experience possible, we want to keep our class size small- Between 6-8 CAPERS, and this means we need to get a little picky to make sure we’re all a good fit for each other.

Go HERE to check out upcoming workshop dates, and get a copy of our application form.



Meet the Founding Partners

Wensy Wong

Her Story

I was always certain of two things: I want to help people better themselves and, through my work, help them realize their potential. Whether I was working in the fitness, rehabilitative, or beauty and makeup industry, I felt most fulfilled when I was able to help my clients build their confidence and guide them to take ownership of their life.  Drawing on my skills and experiences in these industries, and having an affinity to working with my hands, I made the leap to become a Registered Massage Therapist, and so begins a satisfying and rewarding journey…

My massage therapy practice has evolved over the years to provide effective care for people in pain.   Having taken extensive list of courses and workshops to better understand the body and human movement, it allowed me to build a successful practice.  People always ask me “What is it that you do that works and it is so different from the care I’ve received elsewhere?”   What sets me apart from other therapists and traditional care is, It’s not what I do, it’s what I pay attention to.  It goes beyond treating presented symptoms and more so collecting valuable information and forming connections where most conventional practices would have dismissed.  I don’t “fix” people but guide them to create positive experiences in their body that have resulted them leading a pain-free life and deep appreciation for their body with newfound/reclaimed movement.
How do I replicate this to more than one client at a time?  I love working one-on-one with clients and allow me to focus on honing in on their process and documenting their progress.  It was always a struggle to find ways to share and guide these experiences of a private session to a group setting.  It didn’t feel right teaching a yoga class when I wasn’t able to diverge my attention to those that need assists and adjustments for safely getting in/out of a pose, and guidance to movement practices that can help them flourish.  I didn’t think it was possible to hold a space that can help people guide their own process of movement practices until I went to an intensive AiM seminar where I witnessed a group of people who interacted differently with the material, creating different experiences in their body thus changing their whole movement practices.  In the midst of this realization, CAPE was born.  CAPE was created as an extension of me, my driving force to help people unlock potential, create a safe space where I would share and guide them through their own movement changes, Create a Positive Experience within and transfer that to experiences and interactions ahead.

Partnership: 1+1 = more than 2.  CAPE was complete when I asked Monika Volkmar to come along this journey with me.  When CAPE was born, she was also occupying that same space as I and experiencing profound changes within her body.  Our journeys have aligned since and her collaboration have complimented everything CAPE stands for and TOGETHER, we have joined forces so we can share our vision with YOU.

Certifications & Qualifications


  • Bachelor of Science Kinesiology from  McMaster University
  • CMTO Registered Massage Therapist
  • Certified Yoga Teacher from Frog Lotus Yoga
  • McMaster Contemporary and Medical Acupuncture Provider
  • Anatomy in Motion™ Practitioner
  • Neurokinetic Therapy™ Level II Practitioner candidate for Level III
  • Postural Restoration Institute®: Myokinematic Restoration
  • Postural Restoration Institute®: Pelvis Restoration
  • ROCKTAPE DOC Functional Movement Taping Level II
  • Laynee Restoration Breathing Method™

Monika Volkmar

Her Story

If I could reduce it to a simple phrase, “good posture feels good” is my driving force. Although this is hardly the complete story… As a dancer, the majority of my life was spent “in my body”. Ironically, I was simultaneously dissociating from it. I had no awareness of important signals like pain, position, and need to rest. Dissociation from cues of “danger” may have been necessary at the time to continue to survive dance, but it was a a poor long-term strategy that limited my performance and led to many injuries that forced me to stop dancing.

The realization that I, and so many of us, live in habitually dissociated states was the game changer. My discovery of “good posture feels good” evolved into “movement influences psychology; physiology influences cognition”, and  re-associated me with what it meant to honestly be in my body, rather than surviving it.
This idea is what allowed me to return to dance pain-free, and ignited a personal vested interest in helping dancers learn to become stronger and move more effortlessly to improve their performance, for longer, stronger, more fulfilling careers. And while I don’t dance rigorously anymore, I am passionate about facilitating the journeys of other dancers who recognize the need to respect and nurture their bodies.
In my training and bodywork practice I feel fortunate to have a vast history of mistakes to draw from (if you’d like to go with the idea the an “expert” is someone who has made every conceivable mistake in their field…), as well as having studied the human body in motion with some unconventional teachers, who showed me that how the body works in a book, and on a table, is not how the body moves up on its feet. They showed me the importance of being a detective, not just to look at what’s “tight”, “short”, “weak”, or “long”, but to look at how this manifests in movement, without zooming in on symptoms.
Most importantly, I learned that returning to pain-free, higher performance must come from within, from an honestly explored suggestion, not from a “quick fix”, or passive modality. This experience- Reconnecting to your body, nourishing it, and exploring it- is what I have chosen to teach for the rest of my life, and I can’t wait to share this fascinating space with you.
The experience Wensy and I aim to provide through CAPE epitomizes this realization, that no one can be taught, but only guided to discover themselves and their potential when they are ready. We’ve recognized how physical awareness and resilience enhance quality of life, allowing us to better cope with the challenges it throws at us. Our vision is to share this with the world, and together, create a safer space to live in with each other.

Certifications & Qualifications:


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance performance from Ryerson University.
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Thai Massage Therapist
  • Neurokinetic Therapy™ level II practitioner
  • Anatomy in Motion™ practitioner
  • Postural Restoration Institute®: Myokinematic Restoration
  • Function Movement Screen Level 1 Certified
  • Founder of The Dance Training Project
  • Author and creator of Dance Stronger

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