Discover a safe space to explore and nourish your body.

Unlock potential and allow yourself to move honestly.

Create A Positive Experience within.

What are CAPE Workshops?


CAPE experiential anatomy workshops combine a blend of movement styles with breathing and mindfulness techniques. We work with both the general population and specific athletic groups (dancers and yogis in particular).


You will be guided to claim back denied movements, and unlock your true human potential. This isn’t a conventional group exercise class. Don’t come to our workshop if you want to be “fixed”.  Don’t come to get a workout.


Come to our workshops if you want to create space to spend time with yourself. Come to our workshops to honour your body. We create space for each other, learning to move honestly, and fall in love with ourselves (again).



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*Movement Bliss Workshop: Sept 26, 2016 *

Nourish your body with fundamental movement and therapeutic touch.

Explore a blend of yoga, Anatomy in Motion™, breath-work, and Thai massage, with nearly 50% of the class being hands-on by experienced massage therapists.  

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